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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevacueee‧vac‧u‧ee /ɪˌvækjuˈiː/ noun [countable]  SENDsomeone who is sent away from a place because it is dangerous, for example because there is a war
Examples from the Corpus
evacueeThere are songs in Latin, songs in Gaelic, a song about an evacuee and one which is clearly a prayer.Mrs Black was to have all the local children and non-Catholic evacuees from five years old to eight.There were so many evacuees in the town and not enough places to stay, so the teachers said.Many evacuees went home during that first winter, but when the blitz began, there was another exodus from London.In Modesto, evacuees from a neighborhood bordering the Tuolomne River returned home and found that the landscape no longer made sense.It's been described as the biggest child movement operation since the evacuees in 1939, but infinitely happier.The volunteer evacuees wait for the cavalry.
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