Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: évader, from Latin evadere, from vadere 'to go, walk'


e‧vade [transitive]

not talk about something

to avoid talking about something, especially because you are trying to hide something [↪ evasion]:
I could tell that he was trying to evade the issue.
The minister evaded the question.

not do something

to not do or deal with something that you should do [↪ evasion]:
You can't go on evading your responsibilities in this way.
You're simply trying to evade the problem.

not pay

to avoid paying money that you ought to pay, for example tax [↪ evasion]:
Employers will always try to find ways to evade tax.


to escape from someone who is trying to catch you:
She managed to evade the police.
So far he has evaded capture.

not achieve/understand

formal if something evades you, you cannot do it or understand it [= elude]:
The subtleties of his argument evaded me.

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