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even bigger/better/brighter etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheven bigger/better/brighter etceven bigger/better/brighter etcEMPHASIZEused to emphasize that someone or something is bigger, better etc This will make our job even more difficult. The news was even worse than we expected. The new version is even better than the old one. even
Examples from the Corpus
even bigger/better/brighter etcI sort of thought the accident would make us play even better.There was something spontaneous and lively in his manner of speaking that made whatever he was saying sound even better.Many companies do so because smart managers know the importance of rewarding good work and inspiring even better efforts.He had hoped to play an even bigger, more traditional role.What is the best way of stemming this decline or, even better, of regenerating the economy?But he actually proved even better than I thought.This show will be even better than the last one and is not to be missed!It was even better when I got a hug and a kiss from the former Miss Minnesota!
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