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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheven-handedˌeven-ˈhanded adjective  FAIRgiving fair and equal treatment to everyone syn fair He was very even-handed in the way he treated his employees.see thesaurus at fair
Examples from the Corpus
even-handedDoug Pray's first film is an impressively even-handed documentary on the Seattle music scene.Would they riot or would they be relieved that an even-handed exercise had removed their tormentors?The BBC has the reputation of being even-handed in its coverage of election news.Second, some feel that no supply of arms to the combatants, however even-handed, is compatible with neutrality.Local magistrates are expected to respect the law and provide even-handed justice.Yet this exceedingly sensible system has not always been applied in an even-handed manner.With even-handed ridicule, John Mortimer spends much of this novel making you laugh at both.One might as well speak of even-handed socialism.My response is, in brief, that no-supply is not more neutral than even-handed supply.The success of Reuter's agency lay in its objectivity, speed, and even-handed treatment of clients.
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