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even now/then

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheven now/theneven now/thenDESPITEin spite of what has happened Even now I find it hard to believe that he lied. They invested in new machinery and equipment, but even then the business was still losing money. even
Examples from the Corpus
even now/thenAthletes are stronger now but he'd be strong even now.It has fueled tension, misery and bloodshed even now after the Cold War has ended.I'd only been aware of one war in the past on television, though even then distantly.I can hear them even now, Harry, even as I try to concentrate on writing this letter.I have to quiz him about everything and even then he won't tell the whole truth.Even now I find it hard to believe Brenda's story.And, even then, Morris played footsie with prominent Republicans, such as Sen.Her only hope is an operation, but even then she may not get well.I knew even then that I inherited a history which defined who I was.But even then we had entirely different ways of looking at things.
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