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even so

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheven soeven sospokenBUT used to introduce something that is true although it is different from something that you have just said I know he’s only a child, but even so he should have known that what he was doing was wrong. even
Examples from the Corpus
even soAnd yet even so, holy and awesome though they were, they kept the mark of what they had sprung from.The people could not have been more charming but even so I sensed an undercurrent of suspicion.The trumpets shall sound and the Lord shall descend even so it is.This he freely admitted, although, even so, neither he nor Mama would ever reveal what his real name was.The lesson: it is, even so, never too late to act.She had only seen Matthew Godden once before, but even so she recognized him instantly.But even so, the original pledge was to get 24 countries into the programme, not 20.Yet even so, the United States still leads most industrialized countries in teenage pregnancies, abortions and childbearing.Some people may remain well but even so they are able to infect others.The fines for speeding are large, but even so, they are not always a deterrent.Try to run on a soft surface, such as grass. Even so, you may start having knee problems.
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