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even though

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheven thougheven thoughALTHOUGHused to emphasize that something is true although something else has happened or is true Even though he’s 24 now, he’s still like a little child. I can still remember, even though it was so long ago. even
Examples from the Corpus
even thoughThey like him even though he rarely has anything to say to them, directly or through the media.I still look fat, even though I've been exercising fairly regularly.The bank reported fourth-quarter results that were in line with estimates, even though net income rose only 1 percent.And all this was enacted even though state biologists had advised against the measures.This loss is not renewed overnight, even though the barricades are now down.One day, Cyprian called for new elections for steward, even though the old terms had not expired.A fact is retrieved by providing the address, even though there is no particular relationship between the fact and the address.On the contrary, they had refrained from acting earlier even though they knew of the slaughter.
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