Language: Old English
Origin: efne, from efen; EVEN2


1 adverb
e‧ven1 S1 W1
1XX used to emphasize something that is unexpected or surprising in what you are saying:
Most companies have suffered a drop in their profits, even very large companies.
It was quite difficult to see, even with the light on.
He became quite successful and even appeared on a television show once.
She did not even bother to phone us.
He never even acknowledged my letter.

even bigger/better/brighter etc

used to emphasize that someone or something is bigger, better etc:
This will make our job even more difficult.
The news was even worse than we expected.
The new version is even better than the old one.
3 used to add a stronger, more exact word to what you are saying:
Some patients become depressed, even suicidal.

even so

spoken used to introduce something that is true although it is different from something that you have just said.:
I know he's only a child, but even so he should have known that what he was doing was wrong.

even if

used to emphasize that something will still be true if another thing happens:
She's going to have problems finding a job even if she gets her A levels.

even though

used to emphasize that something is true although something else has happened or is true:
Even though he's 24 now, he's still like a little child.
I can still remember, even though it was so long ago.

even now/then

in spite of what has happened:
Even now I find it hard to believe that he lied.
They invested in new machinery and equipment, but even then the business was still losing money.

even as

used to emphasize that something happens at the same moment as something else:
He realized, even as he spoke, that no one would ever believe him.

even usually goes before the word or phrase that you want to emphasize because it is surprising Even Ed was dancing. Your room is even messier than mine!!! But even usually goes after an auxiliary verb or modal verb They have even invited the teacher (NOT They have invited even...). He can't even spell his own name (NOT He even can't...).even is not used to introduce another clause. Use even if, even though, or even when Even if it's raining (NOT Even it's raining), we go for a walk every day. I love you, even when you're nasty to me.!! You can use 'still' with these expressions, but do not use 'but' or 'yet' Even though we're completely different, we're still great friends (NOT but/yet we're great friends).

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