Language: Old English
Origin: efen


2 adjective
Related topics: Sport, Numbers


flat and level, with no parts that are higher than other parts [≠ uneven]:
The floor must be completely even before we lay the tiles.
You need a flat, even surface to work on.
He had lovely white, even teeth.

not changing

an even rate, speed, or temperature is steady and does not change:
The room is kept at an even temperature.
Wood burns at a fairly even rate.

divided equally

divided equally, so that there is the same amount of something in each place, for each person etc:
Divide the dough into three even amounts.
an even distribution of wealth


HMN an even number can be divided exactly by two [≠ odd]:
2, 4, 6 and 8 are even numbers.


having teams or competitors that are equally good so that everyone has a chance of winning:
The first half was very even, and neither side scored.
an even contest


if the score in a game is even, two teams or players have the same number of points:
At the end of the first half the score is even.

be even

informal to no longer owe someone something, especially money:
If you give me $5, we'll be even.


calm and controlled, and not extreme:
He read most of the speech in an even tone.

an even chance

a situation in which it is just as likely that something will happen as not happen:
I think we have an even chance of winning.
We knew there was an even chance that the operation would fail.

get even (with somebody)

informal to do something unpleasant to someone to punish them for something that they did to you [= get revenge (on somebody)]:
I'll get even with him one day.

break even

to neither make a profit nor lose money:
We're hoping that we'll at least break even, and perhaps make a small profit.
evenness noun [uncountable]

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