1 covering or affecting all parts of something equally:
Make sure the surface is evenly covered with paint.
Spread the butter evenly over the toast.
Support for the Liberals is fairly evenly spread across the country.
Make sure the weight is evenly distributed.
2 divided in an equal way:
The profits will be split evenly between the three of us.
Government ministers are fairly evenly divided on this issue.
The prospects for the country are fairly evenly balanced between peaceful reform and revolution.
3 in a regular or steady way:
He was breathing more evenly now.
rows of evenly spaced desks

evenly matched

if two competitors are evenly matched, they are as good as each other and so have an equal chance of winning:
The two teams are very evenly matched.
5 if you say something evenly, you say it in a calm way without getting angry or upset [= calmly]

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