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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevenlye‧ven‧ly /ˈiːvənli/ ●○○ adverb  1 EQUALcovering or affecting all parts of something equally Make sure the surface is evenly covered with paint. Spread the butter evenly over the toast. Support for the Liberals is fairly evenly spread across the country. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed.2 EQUALdivided in an equal way The profits will be split evenly between the three of us. Government ministers are fairly evenly divided on this issue. The prospects for the country are fairly evenly balanced between peaceful reform and revolution.3 REGULARin a regular or steady way He was breathing more evenly now. rows of evenly spaced desks4 evenly matched5 CALMif you say something evenly, you say it in a calm way without getting angry or upset syn calmly
Examples from the Corpus
evenly"You can do whatever you like, " she said evenly.The patient was breathing evenly.Turn the chicken pieces so that they cook evenly.And the increase in temperature will not be felt evenly.The money was divided evenly among all four brothers.In your estate, divide assets evenly among children, even if one displeases you or if one becomes wealthy.The columns now appear more evenly arranged on the screen.This pattern of irregular loading subjects the vessel to quite different stress from that exerted by an evenly distributed load of coal.Outside, the sexes are more evenly matched, I admit.When softened, spread the potatoes evenly over bottom and sides of the pans as for pie shells.Spread the coating evenly over the entire surface.Spread the bean mixture evenly over the fish and scatter the remaining ginger and green onion on top.Your weight is evenly spread when you address the ball.Spread ... evenlyAdd nut mixture and spread evenly.It is fair; it spreads the burden evenly, providing proper discounts and proper control of local authorities.Pull up the tape, tying the cords neatly, and spread the gathers evenly.When heat styling, use a vent brush which allows hot air to circulate through the brush, spreading the heat evenly.Spread filling evenly in pan, mounding slightly in center.Use a rubber spatula to spread the batter evenly in the pan.When softened, spread the potatoes evenly over bottom and sides of the pans as for pie shells.For overcrowding is not spread evenly throughout the system.evenly balancedThe scales can be fairly evenly balanced.The live recording shows few signs of an audience present and is evenly balanced between voices and orchestra.Ipswich scored 2/5, with one game, which is evenly balanced, to be adjudicated.evenly spacedThis time she saw pebbles laid out over the whole of the surface, more or less evenly spaced.Such regular joint patterns appear to develop when the centres of contraction are evenly spaced.The windows were clean, the bed was neatly made and his four chairs were set evenly spaced around the table.The word processor will arrange your text in evenly spaced columns.Press Y to select evenly spaced columns.Our tents are evenly spaced over a large area to give you maximum privacy.In the front yard, they had an evenly spaced row of rose bushes.Pupils are seated in groups of up to four around a number of evenly spaced tables.The cracks in the roadway came quickly and evenly spaced; the pitch of the tires rose a notch.It has 13 rounds evenly spaced, with two races in most months from April to September.
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