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evenly matched

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevenly matchedevenly matchedEQUALif two competitors are evenly matched, they are as good as each other and so have an equal chance of winning The two teams are very evenly matched. evenly
Examples from the Corpus
evenly matchedAs a result, the two parties ended up being fairly evenly matched.Importance of national security considerations Public opinion polls published on the eve of the election showed the two main parties evenly matched.Sometimes there will be two candidates who are fairly evenly matched and there may be uncertainty about which should be appointed.Flow is experienced when people perceive opportunities for action being evenly matched by their capabilities.In the early stage the sides were evenly matched effectively cancelling each other out.Leeds scored through Wallace with 7 minutes to go in an evenly matched game.Outside, the sexes are more evenly matched, I admit.When fighting does occur - as when two evenly matched individuals meet - it seldom results in injury.The teams seem pretty evenly matched, so it's hard to say who will win.
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