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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheventfule‧vent‧ful /ɪˈventfəl/ adjective  INTERESTINGfull of interesting or important events She’s led an eventful life. an eventful day
Examples from the Corpus
eventfulWhen Marilyn Monroe died the press was anxious to uncover every aspect of her eventful career.The morning celebrations were only the start of an eventful day for Napier University.This was to be an eventful day for the travellers.It has been an eventful day in politics -- two ministers have resigned and the Prime Minister has called an election.We prefer to spend the day with Fred Z - an unremarkable person living through a not particularly eventful day.This was one of the tournament's more eventful denouements.The General's last two years were to prove highly eventful for him and the country.The year 1963 was eventful in other ways, and the Great Train Robbery filled the newspapers and the media in August.She's led a very eventful life.The poet Arthur Rimbaud led a short but extremely eventful life.He was free of his family and living a busy, eventful life.an eventful meetingIt had been the most eventful ten months of my twenty-three years.It has been an eventful week in politics, with the resignations of three Presidential advisers.
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