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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheverev‧er /ˈevə $ ˈevər/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 IFa word meaning at any time; used mostly in questions, negatives, comparisons, or sentences with ‘if’ Nothing ever seems to upset him. Have you ever been to Paris? I don’t think I’ve ever been here before. If you’re ever in Seattle, come and see me.2 ALWAYS/FOREVER formal always Ever optimistic, I decided to take the exam again.3 hardly ever4 never ever5 for ever6 as ever7 ever since8 ever after9 hotter/colder/better etc than ever10 as friendly/cheerful/miserable etc as ever11 ever so cold/wet/nice etc12 ever such a13 ever-increasing/ever-present etc14 Yours ever/Ever yours15 if ever there was one
Examples from the Corpus
everHave you ever been on a ship like this before?Within a few years of the two World Wars, the standard of living of Western European countries was higher than ever before.In spite of a longer work day, employees were producing more than ever before.Have you ever bought any of their products?I don't think I'll ever get used to that feeling of excitement before a show.For many young people this is the most difficult problem that they have ever had to deal with in their lives.The sound of the door to the Robemaker's Workshops closing, was one of the worst sounds Nuadu had ever heard.If you're ever in Wilmington, give us a call.That was the biggest mistake I ever made.Nothing ever makes Ted mad.There is no evidence that the rifling and thievery of the files ever occurred.Ever optimistic, Jen gave him another chance.If you have ever read some of the match reports from games in the 60's you would appreciate his skill.When he left, Bartlett didn't know if he'd ever see Alaska again.I don't remember ever seeing him before.From a place on the shady side I watched the most forlorn spectacle I have ever seen.That's the biggest fish I've ever seen.Stan, ever the leader, made all the decisions.Scarcely anyone ever went near that closet.
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