Language: Old English
Origin: æfre


ev‧er S1 W1
1 a word meaning at any time; used mostly in questions, negatives, comparisons, or sentences with 'if':
Nothing ever seems to upset him.
Have you ever been to Paris?
I don't think I've ever been here before.
If you're ever in Seattle, come and see me.
2 formal always:
Ever optimistic, I decided to take the exam again.

hardly ever

not very often:
We hardly ever go out.

never ever

spoken never:
You never ever offer to help!

for ever

for all time:
Nothing lasts for ever.

as ever

as always happens:
As ever, Joe was late.

ever since

continuously since:
My back has been bad ever since I fell and hurt it two years ago.

ever after

for all time after something:
I suppose they'll get married and live happily ever after.

hotter/colder/better etc than ever

even hotter etc than before:
Last night's show was better than ever.

as friendly/cheerful/miserable etc as ever

as friendly etc as someone or something usually is:
George was as miserable as ever.
The food was as bad as ever!

ever so cold/wet/nice etc

British English spoken very cold, wet etc:
The assistant was ever so helpful.
Thanks ever so much.

ever such a

British English used to emphasize what someone or something is like:
She's ever such a nice girl.

ever-increasing/ever-present etc

increasing, present etc all the time:
the ever-increasing problem of drugs in the inner cities

Yours ever/Ever yours

informalTCM used at the end of a letter above the signature

if ever there was one

informal used to say that someone or something is a typical example of something:
He's a natural comedian if ever there was one.

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