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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheverlastingev‧er‧last‧ing /ˌevəˈlɑːstɪŋ◂ $ ˌevərˈlæ-/ adjective formal  RRALWAYS/FOREVERcontinuing for ever, even after someone has died syn eternal everlasting fame a symbol of God’s everlasting love a belief in life everlastingsee thesaurus at permanent
Examples from the Corpus
everlastinglife everlastingBut real conscience is always the same and never changes, because it is rooted in that which is changeless and everlasting.In practice, it is an everlasting coat.Finally, J. got tired of my everlasting complaints, took pity on me and made me a small electric fire.Traditionally, weddings signify everlasting fidelity and love.While we may not believe in everlasting life, while we have it, we do believe that our life is everlasting.the Buddhist's search for everlasting peaceFirst Alain Lemarchand with his forceful manner and now Glyn with his everlasting questions.She dreads an impulsive act which would bring everlasting remorse afterwards.Ah, the everlasting smugness of people!This version was called a solid or everlasting syllabub.
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