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every bit as good/important etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevery bit as good/important etcevery bit as good/important etcEQUALused to emphasize that something is equally as good, important etc as something else Taking regular exercise is every bit as important as having a healthy diet. I loved him every bit as much as she did. every
Examples from the Corpus
every bit as good/important etcHere, the Fund runs many family projects that are less well-known but doing work that is every bit as important.In terms of predicting and controlling the social environment, high technology can quite clearly be every bit as important as brute force.If you looked through a microscope you could see that they had cheekbones every bit as good as Hope Steadman's.It is for this reason that good balanced design is every bit as important as meticulous craftsmanship.Barbara was every bit as good as she sounded.The explanation is every bit as important as the numbers!It takes no more than five minutes and tastes every bit as good at the oven-baked variety.
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