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every inch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevery inchevery incha) COMPLETEcompletely or in every way With her designer clothes and elegant hair, she looks every inch the celebrity. b) EVERYWHEREthe whole of an area or distanceevery inch of Every inch of space in the tiny shop was crammed with goods. Italy deserved to win, though Greece made them fight every inch of the way. inch
Examples from the Corpus
every inchPeterborough made them fight every inch of the way.He speaks with a public school accent and looks every inch the business executive he, of course, is.The Sharps estimate that they have hiked nearly every inch.This is an hour-long conducted tour in an old tram car, nostalgia every inch of the way.He was aware of every inch of her as he had never been aware of anything.Now it's all ruined, every inch.The cold would grow solid, palpable, something to be felt with every inch of your skin.I frel that it has, with every inch of my being.
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