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every now and then/again

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevery now and then/againevery now and then/again (also every so often)SOMETIMES sometimes, but not often or regularly I still see her every now and then. every
Examples from the Corpus
every now and then/againAlthough it would be nice to see some one apart from Strach get annoyed on the pitch every now and then.Eventually she could play in the next room with you calling out to her or checking on her every now and then.He sort of slips the surly bonds of fact every now and then.I get right sick, every now and then, at the bad news.The dailies would clock him every now and then, leaving his flat and cowering under a flash of camera light.But every now and then some patient managed to break through the mental barrier erected by training, habit, and self-defence.A volcano erupts because a terrible creature is imprisoned in the mountain and every now and then struggles to get free.The answer is to drop back to conscious competence every now and again to check things out and eradicate the bad habits.
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