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every other

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevery otherevery otherREGULARthe first, third, fifth etc or the second, fourth, sixth etc You only need to water plants every other day. I visit my parents every other weekend. every
Examples from the Corpus
every otherNot enough money to share among the special learners who have an equal right to education with every other child?Bait should be introduced as often as possible, at least every other day, but every day is much more effective.At least every other day, even through the winter, something more must be done to keep the garden in good shape.I looked after Jessica and visited him every other day.Trash is collected every other day.As in the case of every other issue that could have been used against him, Clinton co-opted it.Buildings are casualties of this kind every other month.Task analysis, in common with every other perceptual process, is a matter of setting up mechanisms for categorisation and filtering.
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