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every penny

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevery pennyevery pennyMONEYall of an amount of money The hotel was expensive but it was worth every penny.every penny of He was determined to go to Australia even if it took every penny of his savings. penny
Examples from the Corpus
every pennyWe do not dare budget every penny of our income.The way the salaries are escalating, we have to make every penny we can in this game.We would live frugally, on a strict budget, and save every penny we could.His father was a rickshaw puller, so every penny the family had was laboriously earned.So, every penny that we receive goes towards cost-effective direct provision for the single homeless.Smart public managers spend every penny of every line item, whether they need to or not.Licensed dealers will hold surplus money on deposit from them and take every penny they can.The price-£ 50-seemed steep, but it is worth every penny.He's worth every penny they paid him.
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