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every so often

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevery so oftenevery so oftenSOMETIMESsometimes An inspector comes round every so often to check the safety equipment. often
Examples from the Corpus
every so oftenI come and visit him every so often.It looked as though it weighed a ton and seemed to quiver every so often.And every so often a transvestite would swagger past, some more obvious than others.I followed Mundin into the shed, turning every so often and glowering at Fifi, who trailed behind us.The silence was broken every so often by the sound of guns in the distance.Every so often, Frank looked up at me and smiled.The every so often it was mopped, the every so often sprayed.It will do that every so often on your birthday.Every so often we go down to the beach.They talked in a close huddle and every so often would both turn round and look at me.
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