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every time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevery timeevery timeALWAYS/EVERY TIMEwhenever The roof leaks every time it rains. every
Examples from the Corpus
every timeThat latency will get you every time.He would remember every time he had been humiliated at school or home, exaggerating the feeling and circumstances involved.Fernandez, a Miami native, was not packing the place every time he pitched.I don't want to have to take out a new mortgage every time I move up the ladder.It seems like every time I play basketball, I get hurt.I shudder with embarrassment every time I think about it.My neck hurts every time I turn my head.Every time it rains we get a flood in the bedroom.Tired of getting leaves and debris caught in your roof gutters and clogging them every time it rains?Every time she sees me she says looks away.It just works so perfectly every time they start laughing at him.Every time we talk about money, we get into an argument.The price looks higher every time you speak, Captain Owen.Don't ask me for money every time you want to buy a drink.
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