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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheveryoneev‧ery‧one /ˈevriwʌn/ ●●● S1 W1 pronoun  EVERYONEevery person syn everybody If everyone is ready, I’ll begin. Send my best wishes to everyone in the family. Of course everyone else thought it was hilarious! Not everyone enjoys sport.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Use a singular verb after everyone: Everyone likes her. Don’t say: Everyone like her.USAGE: Everyone, every oneYou use everyone when you mean 'all of the people in a group'. You write it as one word: Everyone enjoyed the concert. You use every one when you mean 'every person or thing in a group, considered as separate people or things'. You write it as two words: There are no chocolates left − someone has eaten every one. You say every one of a group of people or things: I wish to thank every one of you. Don't write: everyone of
Examples from the Corpus
everyoneEveryone has bad days now and then.Is everyone ready to go?Everyone who ran in the race got a T-shirt.everyone elseI am doing this for myself, not just to prove it to everyone else.I thought he had been in a car accident that had killed everyone else.There are only challenged people, who with a little help can be just like everyone else.Why not tear them up like everyone else and contribute to the litter found on every bookie's floor?Does non-proliferation apply to everyone else but not to us?I was still awake, but everyone else had gone to bed.Knowing enough of the language to understand what everyone else is saying is a decided plus.Don't get them mixed up or everyone else on the list will think you're a twit.Circumstances had conspired to derail her, as they had derailed almost everyone else she knew.
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