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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheverywhereev‧ery‧where /ˈevriweə $ -wer/ ●●● S2 W3 (also everyplace American English spoken) adverb  1 EVERYWHEREin or to every place I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find the map. He’s travelled everywhere in Europe. The south should remain dry, but everywhere else will have heavy rain.2 be everywhereTHESAURUSeverywhere adverb in or to every country or area of the world, or in or to every part of a placePoverty affects children everywhere.I've been looking everywhere for my keys.everyplace adverb American English spoken everywhereThere you are. I've been looking for you everyplace.all over preposition, adverb everywhere on a surface or in a placeJack's clothes were all over the floor.Teams from all over the world will be taking part.Fry the potatoes until they are brown all over.worldwide adverb, adjective everywhere in the worldThe Olympic Games are watched by people worldwide.The show has a worldwide audience of 50 million viewers.nationwide adverb, adjective in all parts of a particular countrya nationwide study of adolescentsThe company has over 200 stores nationwide.throughout adverb, preposition in every part of an area or placeThe house is carpeted throughout.He travelled throughout Scotland.
Examples from the Corpus
everywhereHe wanted this system, his system, everywhere.The whole street was flooded - there was water everywhere.The latter, which evidently find themselves at home almost everywhere, are appropriately called cosmopolitan species.Women everywhere are beginning to assert their rights.Doctors in Colorado, like doctors everywhere else, did not have enough of the vaccine.We deliver goods the next day in the UK and within a week everywhere else.Everywhere, even in the Antarctic, there are signs that the Earth is getting warmer.They searched everywhere for Jen's keys.Where did you find my keys? I've been looking everywhere for them.But there is one issue that confronts the Grammy Award-winning musician almost everywhere he goes -- much to his distress.Everywhere I go, I hear people worrying about the future.Yet, everywhere I turned, change seemed unfeasible.There were beautiful rice fields everywhere in the region.The mathematical singularity arises because the set of coordinates imposed everywhere is best suited to regions of small curvature.Poverty affects children everywhere - not just in developing countries, but in Europe and North America as well.You see bank machines everywhere nowadays.The sugar she had spilt everywhere the night before was sticking to her bare feet.Roy noticed that everywhere they walked people acknowledged Michael.Later, people spend hours reconstructing that brutal transition from the nowhere to the everywhere, when nature can destroy you.everywhere elsePeople here are the same as everywhere else.He brought to the London office the sort of uncompromising determination that has been Korn/Ferry's trademark everywhere else.It was, after all, 1906, a time of growing, not diminishing, racial separation everywhere else.Play around the centre spot was fast and furious, though the ground was in total darkness everywhere else.The snow we encountered at Attitash was basically frozen granular, just like everywhere else.Well, why not - he was sticking his nose in everywhere else.We still ran everywhere else, but we were driven to the flight line.As everywhere else in the world, changing these attitudes requires a long campaign of education.
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