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evidence/statements etc to the contrary

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevidence/statements etc to the contraryevidence/statements etc to the contraryOPPOSITE/REVERSEsomething showing or saying the opposite Unless there is evidence to the contrary, we ought to believe them. He continued to drink despite advice to the contrary. contrary
Examples from the Corpus
evidence/statements etc to the contraryDespite all evidence to the contrary, the list price of the SE-40 is $ 980.But it also held evidence to the contrary.True he was not, so far as we know, misogynist: there is evidence to the contrary.Indeed, there is a good deal of evidence to the contrary.This, despite the evidence to the contrary that had surfaced since the Fort Lauderdale conference.Despite the evidence to the contrary, most of Monday morning's newspapers subscribed to the Army's version.Though many more polar homeotherms have been examined since then, evidence to the contrary has been slight.Without evidence to the contrary, it may be unwise to go against the behavior suggested as appropriate by the myth.
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