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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevidentev‧i‧dent /ˈevɪdənt/ ●●○ AWL adjective  OBVIOUSeasy to see, notice, or understand syn obvious, clearevident that It was evident that she was unhappy. It soon became evident that she was seriously ill. It was clearly evident that the company was in financial difficulties.evident to It was evident to me that he was not telling the truth.evident in The growing popularity of the subject is evident in the numbers of students wanting to study it. Bob ate his lunch with evident enjoyment. self-evident
Examples from the Corpus
evidentNeither Hoffert nor Lembke replied, but their pride was evident.Whether we choose to focus on military security or protection of the environment, the policy relevance of our research is evident.But even more evident has been the growth of a new class of wealth.Carlos' frustration was evident in his comments.It could now become evident that she had a good figure.It is evident that the machine aesthetic played more than just a stylistic part in the revolution.His belief in divine aid was evident to all.evident thatFor some time it has been evident that all I am to you is a vessel to receive your seed.As the decade drew to a close, it was evident that consumers were fed up.It was evident that Mrs Gracie's departure had been noted.From our earlier discussion it is evident that opinion is divided amongst those who have tried to evaluate national programmes.It is evident that she values his appearance more than his other virtues and still considers his profession a drawback.It quickly became evident that the attack was not going according to plan.It rapidly became evident that this clinic could not make even a dent in the problem.Nowhere was this more evident that within official portraiture.
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