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ex-directoryˌex-diˈrectory adjective British English  TCTa person or telephone number that is ex-directory is not in the public telephone book syn unlisted American English The number is ex-directory. After several threatening calls, we decided to go ex-directory.
Examples from the Corpus
ex-directoryHopefully, he looked first for Rose Hilaire in the telephone book; no such name, so she must be ex-directory.It's a well-known fact that in Knutsford the Fire-Brigade is ex-directory.Luce tore it open and read: When I tried to ring you I was told that the Diomede number is ex-directory.Through telephone enquiries he discovered that there were plenty of Carrows and Tremaynes in the county and not a few who were ex-directory.Repeatedly she found he had rung the private, ex-directory line at Camilla's home Middlewich House.Better still, if you live alone, have an ex-directory number.The main focus will be on ex-directory numbers, which mean that published directories are incomplete as listings of telephone-owning households.They are constantly changing their numbers, or going ex-directory to stave off threatening calls.go ex-directoryThey are constantly changing their numbers, or going ex-directory to stave off threatening calls.
From Longman Business Dictionaryex-directoryˌex-diˈrectory adjective British English an ex-directory telephone number is deliberately not given in a public telephone book SYN unlisted AmEYou can change your number and go ex-directory (=no longer have your number in the phone book).
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