Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: exactus, past participle of exigere; EXACT2


1 adjective
ex‧act1 S3
1 completely correct in every detail:
Police are still investigating the exact cause of the accident.
What were his exact words?
The timing had to be exact.
exact location/position/spot etc
The exact location of the hostages is unknown.
exact date/time/number/amount etc
I know her birthday's in July, but I can't remember the exact date.
exact copy/replica etc
It's not an exact copy, but most people wouldn't notice the difference.
Some concepts in Chinese medicine have no exact equivalent in Western medicine.

to be exact

formal used to emphasize that what you are saying is exact:
She has worked at the bank for many years, nine to be exact.

the exact colour/moment/type etc

used to emphasize that the same thing is involved:
the exact colour I was looking for
He came into the room at the exact moment I mentioned his name.
That's the exact same thing my dad said.

the exact opposite (of somebody/something)

someone or something that is as different as possible from another person or thing:
Gina's the exact opposite of her little sister.

something is not an exact science

if you say that an activity is not an exact science, you mean that it involves opinions, guessing etc:
Predicting the weather is not an exact science.
6 someone who is exact is very careful and thorough in what they do [= precise]
exactness noun [uncountable]

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