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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexaggeratedex‧ag‧ge‧rat‧ed /ɪɡˈzædʒəreɪtɪd/ adjective  1 EXAGGERATEif something is exaggerated, it is described as better, larger etc than it really is The revenue figures may be slightly exaggerated.grossly/greatly/wildly exaggerated The danger had been greatly exaggerated.2 EXAGGERATEan exaggerated sound or movement is emphasized to make people notice an exaggerated sigh He made an exaggerated bow. He spoke with an exaggerated New York accent.exaggeratedly adverbCOLLOCATIONSadverbsgreatly/highly exaggerated (=by a large amount)The union put the figure at 5,000, but we believe this has been greatly exaggerated.vastly exaggerated (=by a very large amount)Bates told the children vastly exaggerated stories of his wartime exploits.grossly exaggerated (=by a very large amount, and in a way that is wrong)The damage the animals did to crops was grossly exaggerated.wildly exaggerated (=by a very large amount, in a way that is not at all realistic)Wildly exaggerated reports began appearing in the press.slightly exaggeratedRoger spoke with a slightly exaggerated American accent.deliberately exaggerated (=in a way that is intended or planned)She blinked twice in a deliberately exaggerated gesture of surprise.
Examples from the Corpus
exaggeratedOfficials insist, for example, that the scope for privatisation is exaggerated.The numbers killed in the massacre are probably exaggerated.As they stepped out on to the pavement Charlie bade his partner goodnight with an exaggerated bow.In the past, anthropologists have made the most exaggerated claims concerning the supposed typicality of their observations.Some wildly exaggerated claims have been made about this so-called "wonder-drug".exaggerated hand gesturesAll this, of course, is during a time of exaggerated relief following the Pleistocene glaciation.greatly exaggerated reportsI see that I enjoy an exaggerated reputation for probity among my compatriots.The only rule here is not to go for exaggerated styles.Meanwhile, though rumours of a Spinal Tap sequel are exaggerated, the band do plan a London concert this summer.slightly exaggeratedHis dialogue has a slightly exaggerated authenticity and his direction has pace.The registration statistics revealed only 4.5% as non-standard entrants, and this may be a slightly exaggerated figure.
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