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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexaltationex‧al‧ta‧tion /ˌeɡzɔːlˈteɪʃən, ˌeksɔːl- $ -ɒːl-/ noun [uncountable] formal  1 HAPPYa very strong feeling of happiness2 HIGH POSITION OR RANKthe state of being put into a high rank or position
Examples from the Corpus
exaltationIt demanded accelerated exaltation, accepted no instant without pregnant meanings as in epic, tragedy, comedy, or films.Teammates who were strangers before the party are instantly bonded, and victory is celebrated with fists-in-the-air exaltation.All this time Ludens was in a frenzy of exaltation and terror.It is a state of exaltation of the individual, a great and rare gift of a great and rare invigorating dream.It gave a boost to the exaltation of the countryside, the idealization of a lost, golden, pre-industrial Arcadia.The exaltation of emotion and intuition above logical reasoning can readily disentangle them from any such disciplinary anchorage.My depression had lifted and my mood had changed to exaltation.
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