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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexaltedex‧alt‧ed /ɪɡˈzɔːltɪd $ -ɒːl-/ adjective  1 IMPORTANThaving a very high rank and highly respected I felt shy in such exalted company.2 formalHAPPY filled with a great feeling of joy
Examples from the Corpus
exaltedWe are both exalted and fallen at the same time: sinful and yet given unique status in the universe of things.Alongside similar bloodthirstiness, the romances display the gentler emotions of friendship and exalted love.Her exalted moment of remembrance expired, she sighed in her relief and in her certainty of purpose.His conception of the aristocracy was an exalted one; so was his conception of empire.The captain's love remains on this exalted plane throughout scenes of action in which idealism is not always satisfactorily integrated.Leith doubted that she would ever meet the man in such a highly exalted position.How many others in such exalted positions were disloyal?The exalted status of peers such as the Duke of Norfolk is a faint echo of this power in the land.
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