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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexceedinglyex‧ceed‧ing‧ly /ɪkˈsiːdɪŋli/ adverb formal  VERYextremely Thank you. You’ve been exceedingly kind.
Examples from the Corpus
exceedinglyBut whereas the wretched Io had to pay dearly for the distinction, Europa was exceedingly fortunate.Eva was exceedingly grateful for his expertise.The salon was small and exceedingly hot.His Toshi is a heroic character whose naivete and haunted past are shed in this exceedingly likable coming-of-age story.The three nails are formed of dark fibrous tissue and are exceedingly sharp.So we were exceedingly well-behaved towards each other.This is small but exceedingly well measured.I've become exceedingly worried about the future of our nation.
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