1 conjunction, preposition
ex‧cept1 S2 W2
1 used to introduce the only person, thing, action, fact, or situation about which a statement is not true:
The office is open every day except Sundays.
You can have any of the cakes except this one.
except for
Everyone went except for Scott and Dan.
She felt fine except for being a little tired.
except (that)
Clarissa could think of nothing to say except that she was so sorry.
except in/by/to etc
Staff are not permitted to make personal phone calls except in an emergency.
except when/where/if
Benson kept the studio locked except when he was working there.
except do something
She had nothing to do except spend money.
except to do something
He wouldn't talk about work, except to say that he was busy.
2 used to give the reason why something was not done or did not happen
except (that)
Liz would have run, except that she didn't want to appear to be in a hurry.
3 spoken used to mention a fact that makes what you have just said seem less true
except (that)
I have earrings just like those, except they're blue
A date book would make a great gift, except that a lot of people already have one.

except, besides, apart from, unless
except means 'not including' or 'but not' They invited everyone except Julie.besides means 'in addition to' Besides Italy (NOT except Italy), I would like to visit France and Spain.apart from can be used with either meaning I ate everything apart from (OR except) the soup. What do you like doing apart from (OR besides) swimming?except is not used to introduce another clause. Use unless or except if, except when, except while, except that We won't go unless you really want to (NOT except you really want to). I cycle to work, except when it rains (NOT except it rains). In spoken English, people sometimes leave out 'that' The play went well, except (that) a few people forgot their lines.

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