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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexcessiveex‧ces‧sive /ɪkˈsesɪv/ ●●○ adjective  TOO/TOO MUCHmuch more than is reasonable or necessary his excessive drinking $15 for two beers seems a little excessive.excessively adverb excessively high taxesCOLLOCATIONSadverbsgrossly excessive (=extremely excessive)The fine I had to pay was grossly excessive and totally unfair.rather/fairly excessiveI think £100 for a meal is rather excessive, to say the least.somewhat/slightly excessive (=a little excessive)I thought her reaction was somewhat excessive.nounsan excessive use of somethingFarmers have been criticized for their excessive use of chemical fertilizers.excessive amounts of somethingI was staying up late, consuming excessive amounts of coffee.excessive force (=more violence than is necessary)The men claim that the police officers used excessive force.excessive speedExcessive speed is a major cause of road accidents.excessive drinking (=drinking too much alcohol)Your excessive drinking has to stop.
Examples from the Corpus
excessive$10 for two cups of coffee seems excessive.It seemed excessive, and I said so when he told me.Critics have argued that an excessive commercial focus will lead researchers to ignore pure science.Overempowered children have excessive control over the household.Don's wife left him because of his excessive gambling.The lighting of the galleries has also been transformed and computer controlled blinds fitted to prevent damage from excessive levels of daylight.Not building up excessive national debts is something that countries should do anyway, for their own long-term wellbeing.She accepted the therapist's simple interpretation that this probably inpart explained her excessive need for attention and reassurance from Charles.As usual, the opposition claims the government is guilty of excessive spending.Grades so high, she was Saying, must reflect excessive study.The campaign is trying to stop the excessive use of chemicals in farming.
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