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exchange information/ideas etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexchange information/ideas etcexchange information/ideas etcEXCHANGEto discuss something or share information, ideas etc It’s a place where people can chat and exchange ideas. exchange
Examples from the Corpus
exchange information/ideas etcBulletin boards are a low-tech way to exchange information.Meeting together at a disability arts event can also provide rare opportunities for disabled people to exchange ideas.The meetings provided an opportunity to exchange information about future events and to discuss problems of mutual interest.As they exchanged ideas and memories, both felt richer.He needs to be able to exchange ideas, express moods and emotions.There are no formal ties between the national clearinghouses but they maintain regular contact, and exchange information, newsletters and materials.Both sides also agreed to exchange information on a weekly basis between senior military commanders on troop deployments and movements.Children exchange information with one another in their conversations and learn to view events from the position of others.
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