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exchange rate

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exchange rateexˈchange rate noun [countable]  PECthe value of the money of one country compared to the money of another country a more favourable exchange rate
Examples from the Corpus
exchange rateExchange rate: The exchange rate in early December was quite favorable.The comparison of the effective exchange rate and actual rates clearly demonstrates the value and necessity for a weighted exchange rate.The official exchange rate, was henceforth to be adjusted weekly in line with the prevailing market rate.A comparison of this approach with simple exchange rate conversions changed the rankings.
From Longman Business Dictionaryexchange rateexˈchange rate noun [countable] FINANCE the price at which one currency can be bought with anotherIf the yen-dollar exchange rate remains at its current level, U.S. exporters could lose $5 billion to $10 billion in business annually. cross rate equilibrium exchange rate fixed exchange rate floating exchange rate forward exchange rate intervention rate official exchange rate spot (exchange) rate trade-weighted exchange rate unofficial exchange rate
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