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exchange words/looks etc (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexchange words/looks etc (with somebody)exchange words/looks etc (with somebody)if two people exchange words, looks etc, they talk to each other, look at each other etc Until this evening I had never so much as exchanged a word with him. The two women exchanged glances and laughed. I went over and exchanged greetings with everyone. exchange
Examples from the Corpus
exchange words/looks etc (with somebody)He and Kemp pound down the stairway, exchanging words.Hughes exchanged words with umpire Steve Randell after a confident appeal against Richie Richardson was turned down when he was on 47.I would hear the women exchange words with Miss Fingerstop.Linda buried herself in the crowd, exchanging words with this one and that and heading for the bar.Nurses busily went up and down, sometimes pausing to exchange words and careless laughter.The patients loved it and several laughed out loud at her antics, while Martha and Yvonne exchanged looks of glee.They exchanged looks full of sadness, as if they had both lost something.They exchanged words, not all of which appeared to be in jest.
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