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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexclusiveex‧clu‧sive1 /ɪkˈskluːsɪv/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 ONLYavailable or belonging only to particular people, and not sharedexclusive access/rights/use etc Our figure skating club has exclusive use of the rink on Mondays.exclusive report/interview/coverage etc Tune in to our exclusive coverage of Wimbledon.exclusive to This offer is exclusive to readers of ‘The Sun’.2 EXPENSIVEexclusive places, organizations, clothes etc are so expensive that not many people can afford to use or buy them Bel Air is an exclusive suburb of Los Angeles. an exclusive girls’ school3 deliberately not allowing someone to do something or be part of a group a racially exclusive hiring policy4 mutually exclusive5 exclusive of something6 concerned with only one thing opp inclusive The committee’s exclusive focus will be to improve public transportation.exclusivity /ˌekskluːˈsɪvəti/ (also exclusiveness) noun [uncountable] the exclusivity of private educationCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: available or belonging only to particular people, and not sharednounsthe exclusive rights to somethingBSkyB had exclusive rights to all the live matches.exclusive access to somethingRegulations prohibit anyone having exclusive access to the data.the exclusive use of somethingWe had exclusive use of the house while he was away.an exclusive report/interview/picture (=appearing in only one newspaper or magazine)The newspaper featured exclusive pictures of the couple’s new baby.exclusive coverage (=by only one newspaper or TV channel)You can watch exclusive coverage of all the matches on BBC1.an exclusive deal/contract (=one that says that no other person or company can do the same job)Our firm has an exclusive contract to handle the company’s legal affairs.an exclusive club (=only open to particular people)Unfortunately, I’m not a member of the exclusive club of millionaires.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: exclusive places, organizations, clothes etc are so expensive that not many people can afford to use or buy themnounsan exclusive suburb/areaThey live in an exclusive suburb on the north side of the city.an exclusive neighbourhood British English, an exclusive neighborhood American English:Some of these kids are from the most exclusive neighbourhoods.an exclusive hotelWith its marble columns and crystal chandeliers, the Crillon is one of the most exclusive hotels in Paris.an exclusive schoolMarjorie went to an exclusive girls’ school.an exclusive shop (also an exclusive store American English)I walked along Bond Street, past all the exclusive shops.
Examples from the Corpus
exclusiveAn inspection of the table reveals overlaps between the three trends, and clearly they should not be seen as mutually exclusive.Your password gives you exclusive access to your personal computer files.The nightclub was dark and exclusive and filled with beautiful people.Two of the most exclusive beers in the world are drawing in the drinkers at the only pub where they're sold.The recent takeover gave Rafferty exclusive control of the company.There will be exclusive coverage of the championship on Channel 5.These students are part of an exclusive group of high achievers.The court action continues Burroughs' exclusive hold on the drug through at least 2005.Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Boris Yeltsin.At the end of the programme we have an exclusive interview with Senator Goldwater.an exclusive Manhattan hotelXorandor's logic transgresses that of binary systems because he combines mutually exclusive operations.But it was a very exclusive part of town and there were always eccentric ladies puttering around at night.They live in Bel Air, an exclusive suburb of Los Angeles.We can no longer be the exclusive tourist attraction.Our figure skating club has exclusive use of the rink on Mondays.The country club is very exclusive - you have to be invited to join.exclusive access/rights/use etcBut whatever the parentage, this new decentralized way admits to no national origin nor exclusive use by anyone.Provide a towel for the exclusive use of each child.In a Roman view ownership meant the unconditional and exclusive use of property by the individual.The youngest and the prettiest are naturally for the exclusive use of the bourgeoisie.She enjoyed it, particularly the exclusive access to MIle.Persimmon was granted exclusive rights to negotiate a purchase of the unit for an unspecified period, Trafalgar said.Seibel has exclusive rights to play the late, witty illustrator, and comes to Tucson as part of a national tour.It claims to be the athletics network, having bought exclusive rights to the sport in Britain for £10.5m in 1985.
exclusiveexclusive2 noun [countable]  TCNREPORTan important or exciting story that is printed in only one newspaper, because that newspaper was the first to find out about it a New York Post exclusive about the Kennedy marriage
Examples from the Corpus
exclusiveNo one nation has an exclusive on compassionate capitalism.Michael Jackson has promised the network an exclusive.We have exclusives that you won't find on other networks.So here's my very own Wembley Stadium exclusive for you.The newspaper has a reputation for good reporting and world exclusives.
From Longman Business Dictionaryexclusiveex‧clu‧sive /ɪkˈskluːsɪv/ adjective1an exclusive agreement, contract, or right is one that a single person or organization has and no one else hasThey have signed anexclusive agreement to market and sell the diamonds to retail jewelers in Switzerland.We hold an exclusive license (=a right that no one else has) to make and market the systems in Japan.The parent company has exclusive rights to any commercial product that exploits the research.exclusive toThis offer is exclusive to readers of The Economist.2exclusive places, products etc are so expensive that not many people can afford to buy themBel Air is an exclusive suburb of Los Angeles.3if a figure is exclusive of a particular amount, it does not include that amountThe manufacturer’s operating costs fell 8%, exclusive of depreciation and amortization.It costs £200, exclusive of VAT.
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