1 adjective
1 available or belonging only to particular people, and not shared
exclusive access/rights/use etc
Our figure skating club has exclusive use of the rink on Mondays.
exclusive report/interview/coverage etc
Tune in to our exclusive coverage of Wimbledon.
exclusive to
This offer is exclusive to readers of The Sun.
2 exclusive places, organizations, clothes etc are so expensive that not many people can afford to use or buy them:
Bel Air is an exclusive suburb of Los Angeles.
an exclusive girls' school
3 deliberately not allowing someone to do something or be part of a group:
a racially exclusive hiring policy

mutually exclusive

if two things are mutually exclusive, you cannot have or do both of them:
Lesbianism and motherhood are not mutually exclusive.

exclusive of something

not including something [≠ inclusive of something]:
Our prices are exclusive of sales tax.
6 concerned with only one thing:
The committee's exclusive focus will be to improve public transportation.
exclusivity also exclusiveness noun [uncountable]
the exclusivity of private education

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