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excuse yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexcuse yourselfexcuse yourselfto say politely that you need to leave a place Richard excused himself and went to his room. excuse
Examples from the Corpus
excuse yourselfOnce, my eyes start to fill with tears and I excuse myself and go to find the bathroom.Constance detected a change in the atmosphere as Giancarlo excused himself and walked down the steps to greet his last guest.Richard excused himself and went to his room.On the ground, when they had left the parked plane, Myeloski excused himself and went to the men's room.I excuse myself for this failure of perception, for I think he was concealing it even from himself.He has excused himself from a dinner meeting to return her call.She was sitting at the mirror in her room, having excused herself from her cousins' chatter minutes before.I excused myself from Mr Cardinal and moved towards the doors.They heard Paul excuse himself to go into the house.
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