1 [uncountable and countable] when someone is killed, especially as a legal punishment:
their torture and summary execution (=execution without a trial or any legal process)
a public execution
He was granted a stay of execution (=delay in carrying out an execution).
2 [uncountable] formal a process in which you do something that has been carefully planned [= implementation]
execution of
the formulation and execution of urban policy
3 [uncountable] law the process of making sure that the instructions in a legal document are followed:
the execution of a will
4 [uncountable] formal the performance of a difficult action or movement
5 [uncountable] formalAVP the process of producing something such as a painting, film, book etc, or the way it is produced:
art that is unusual in design and execution
6TD [uncountable and countable] technical when you make a computer program work, or a command (=instruction) happen

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