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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexemplaryex‧em‧pla‧ry /ɪɡˈzempləri/ adjective  1 EXAMPLEexcellent and providing a good example for people to follow a company with an exemplary record on environmental issues2 [only before noun]WARN an exemplary punishment is very severe and is intended to stop other people from committing the same crime
Examples from the Corpus
exemplaryBut you need to see both; and the performances, under Ayckbourn's direction, are exemplary.For the Berry family, this ancestral slave was exemplary, a model for them to emulate.The writer knows of no case prior to 1964 in which exemplary damages were awarded in a personal injuries claim.Creativity in an exemplary fine arts curriculum is also encouraged.His behaviour in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster was exemplary, his character shone through.exemplary leadership skillsKnight's book, on the other hand, is exemplary middle-brow fiction.an exemplary punishment
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