2 verb
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exercise2 S3 W2

use something

[transitive] formal to use a power, right, or quality that you have:
There are plans to encourage people to exercise their right to vote.
People who can exercise some control over their surroundings feel less anxious.

do physical activity

[intransitive]DSO to do sports or physical activities in order to stay healthy and become stronger:
It's important to exercise regularly.

use part of your body

[transitive]DSO to make a particular part of your body move in order to make it stronger:
Swimming exercises all the major muscle groups.


[transitive]HBH to make an animal walk or run in order to keep it healthy and strong:
people exercising their dogs in the park

make somebody think

[transitive] formal
a) to make someone think about a subject or problem and consider how to deal with it:
It's an issue that's exercised the minds of scientists for a long time.
b) British English if something exercises someone, they think about it all the time and are very anxious or worried - often used humorously:
It was clear that Flavia had been exercised by this thought.

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