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exert yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexert yourselfexert yourselfWORK HARDto work very hard and use a lot of physical or mental energy He has exerted himself tirelessly on behalf of the charity. exert
Examples from the Corpus
exert yourselfAs soon as we stop exerting ourselves the blood pressure returns to normal again.He kept close behind, not exerting himself.Red tell-tales blinked as he exerted himself.This is the best measure of fitness, since it expresses the greatest rate at which an individual can exert himself.It's important not to exert yourself - it'll take a few weeks to recover.Because shareholders can not tell how hard managers are exerting themselves on their behalf, managers have an incentive to shirk.Does a team that has to exert itself to get to 38-44 deserve a place at the big table?All the surgeons present were exerting themselves to their utmost; the few nurses all busy.A nation in its rowdy, energetic and inspiring youth wants freedom and is willing to exert itself to win it.
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