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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexertionex‧er‧tion /ɪɡˈzɜːʃən $ -ɜːr-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 WORK HARDa lot of physical or mental effort The afternoon’s exertions had left us feeling exhausted. mental exertion2 the use of power, influence etc to make something happen the exertion of authority
Examples from the Corpus
exertionShe lay motionless, utterly worn out by her exertions, yet at the same time ominously wide awake.The wine he had drunk earlier in the day, his exertions and fear, made him feel warm and sleepy.This happens as the outcome of group pressure and impedes the official exertion of one's mental processes.Marian observed that Amelia was so severely debilitated that the least strain or exertion exhausted her.A little physical exertion helps me think more clearly at work.Was the loss of consciousness preceded by vigorous physical exertion?After some exertion, I decided the track was too rutted for me to have a hope.the exertion of legislative powerExhausted and sweating from their exertions, they sat down to catch their breath and remove their outer clothing.The force of their exertion against one another pushed them apart.
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