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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexhaustionex‧haus‧tion /ɪɡˈzɔːstʃən $ -ˈzɒːs-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 TIREDextreme tirednesswith exhaustion He collapsed with exhaustion. Sheer exhaustion forced him to give up. Many runners were suffering from heat exhaustion (=when you become tired and ill because you are too hot).nervous exhaustion (=when you become ill because you have been working too hard or have been very worried)2 FINISH/USE ALL OF somethingwhen all of something has been usedexhaustion of the exhaustion of oil supplies
Examples from the Corpus
exhaustionI prayed for my body to behave but exhaustion was getting the better of it.The signs of chronic exhaustion showed in Martha's face.Then, when it finally dropped from exhaustion, it was killed.The soldiers were suffering from exhaustion after long days and nights of marching.They didn't know that if you have ecstasy you should drink a lot of water because of the risk of heat exhaustion.And millions upon millions, fresh troops on top of fresh troops will lead to our exhaustion.He was still out of breath, and Barnabas was panting with some exhaustion himself.Too much is made of the exhaustion of war.With what appeared to be utter exhaustion, he put his head in his hands as the question reverberated in the nave.One of the players collapsed with exhaustion and had to be carried off the field.heat exhaustionYou have to be able to handle real emergencies: sprained ankles, heat exhaustion, sudden snowstorms, canceled flights.Later in the day, another 1st Platoon Marine was felled by heat exhaustion.Several elderly men were treated for heat exhaustion.I was feeling nauseous from heat exhaustion and had sort of passed out.In its early stages, the symptoms of fatigue and nausea mimic heat exhaustion and can confuse the rangers.They didn't know that if you have ecstasy you should drink a lot of water because of the risk of heat exhaustion.These tips also help prevent heat exhaustion, only several cases of which advance to potentially deadly heat stroke at the Canyon.She slumped down, near to heat exhaustion, and raked her jet hair from her temples.exhaustion ofPoor farming techniques have led to the exhaustion of the soil.
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