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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexigenciesex‧i‧gen‧cies /ˈeksədʒənsiz, ɪɡˈzɪdʒ-/ noun [plural]  formalDO the things you must do in order to deal with a difficult or urgent situation syn demandsexigencies of the exigencies of war
Examples from the Corpus
exigenciesBecause they had thought little about managerial exigencies of daily life, when confronted with them they made some interesting discoveries.Inter-company loans had been made as the exigencies of the business required.The metaphoric juxtaposition of incongruous thematic material is motivated by the exigencies of the main character's job as a simultaneous interpreter.In response, supporters of the act declared that the exigencies of war dictated its promulgation.He also depended on women to deal with the exigencies of daily living while he wrote.Unexpected exigencies, alarms, excursions and celebrations occurred as in any other household.The intended effect seems to be to insulate organizational members from the untidy exigencies of the larger world.
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