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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexistentialex‧is‧ten‧tial /ˌeɡzɪˈstenʃəl◂/ adjective [only before noun] formal  EXISTrelating to the existence of humans or to existentialism
Examples from the Corpus
existentialThere is no need to deny the importance of existential affirmation as the locus of meaning in individual cases.The epistemological version involves an assumption that all significant existential claims can be translated into claims about potential knowledge.We were definitely going for the existential crime-drama thing.For Rosenberg, faced with the realities of the world, the canvas would become the site of an existential encounter.William did not go West on an existential errand; the end of his journey was known.Suppose we begin with an existential hypothesis, without being able to point to any confirming evidence.The same theory may take on quite different political, moral and even existential meanings according to particular circumstances of context and conjuncture.an existential novel
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