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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpatriateex‧pat‧ri‧ate /eksˈpætriət, -trieɪt $ -ˈpeɪ-/ noun [countable]  SAFOREIGNsomeone who lives in a foreign country British expatriates living in Spainexpatriate adjective [only before noun] expatriate workers
Examples from the Corpus
expatriateSchmidt was a German expatriate who had been living in Portugal since 1989.There are, however, expatriates who buy property to use during their two to three year stay in Britain.The local transmissions of the External Service were for the many expatriates working in the country who understood little or no Swahili.Most expatriates will benefit from consulting an independent financial adviser for specialist help.Such jealousies may lead to valued career-move expatriates and/or fixed-term contract workers failing in their postings or result in local industrial unrest.Collective investments are a slightly trickier proposition for online expatriates.The first place for income-seeking expatriates to start is in the offshore bank and building society market.I was in Spain for over a year, but most of my friends were expatriates.Since then it has been the practice to commute the sentence on Western expatriates to imprisonment followed by deportation.
From Longman Business Dictionaryexpatriateex‧pat‧ri‧ate /eksˈpætriət, -trieɪteksˈpeɪ-/ (also expat /eksˈpæt/ informal) noun [countable] someone who has moved to a foreign country to live and workThe State of Bahrain is the banking and commercial centre of the Arabian Gulf, with a large community of expatriates.expatriate adjective [only before a noun]expatriate workers
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