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expectation of life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpectation of lifeexpectation of lifeLIFEthe number of years that someone is likely to live syn life expectancy expectation
Examples from the Corpus
expectation of lifeImprovements in expectation of life are slight in the eighteenth century.Second, women have a longer expectation of life than men.The plaintiff is aged 30 and has a normal expectation of life.When the normal expectation of life is very low, sickness and death are normal hazards.She was given a very short expectation of life by the doctors.Still less is it intended to mirror the expectation of life of the deceased or his dependants.But what of the expectation of life of some one who has reached the age of forty?About seven more years had been added to expectation of life up to 1901, after which the pace accelerated sharply.
From Longman Business Dictionaryexpectation of lifeexpecˌtation of ˈlife noun [uncountable] British EnglishINSURANCE the length of time that a person is expected to live, depending on where they live, their job, sex etc. Insurance companies use this information to calculate the cost of insuring someone’s life, and therefore the amount that people have to pay for that insurance SYN LIFE EXPECTANCY
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