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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpeditionex‧pe‧di‧tion /ˌekspəˈdɪʃən/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable]TRAVEL a long and carefully organized journey, especially to a dangerous or unfamiliar place, or the people that make this journey an expedition to the North Pole another Everest expeditionon an expedition He went on an expedition to Borneo.see thesaurus at journey2 [countable]TRAVEL a short journey, usually made for a particular purpose syn trip a shopping expedition a fishing expeditionCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a long and carefully organized journey, especially to a dangerous or unfamiliar place, or the people that make this journeyverbsgo on an expeditionAfter the war, Swainson went on an expedition to Patagonia.make an expedition (=go on an expedition)The men made expeditions to Spain, Greece and Asia Minor to find fossils.set off on an expedition (also embark on an expedition formal) (=leave at the start of an expedition)Trent set off on an expedition to collect plants with fellow botanical students.mount/launch an expedition (=plan, organize, and begin an expedition)Ornithologists are mounting an expedition to the island in order to study the birds.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + expeditiona scientific expeditionHe led the first major British scientific expedition to the Amazon.an Arctic/Antarctic expeditionI accompanied the explorer on one of his Arctic expeditions.a military expeditionThe generals decided to launch a military expedition to the region.a punitive expedition (=one an army undertakes to punish someone)The Afghan army mounted a punitive expedition against the local militia groups.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a short journey, usually made for a particular purposeNOUN + expeditiona shopping expedition (=when you go shopping)I took Mary and the kids on a shopping expedition into Manchester.a fishing expeditionWe’re organizing a fishing expedition to the lake for next week.a hunting expeditionHe was joined on his hunting expedition by two local guides.a foraging expedition (=when you search for food)On our foraging expedition into the woods, we found mushrooms and wild berries.verbsgo on an expeditionWe decided to go on a shopping expedition to London.take someone on an expeditionHe’s taking the boys on a camping expedition next weekend.
Examples from the Corpus
expeditionIt has been 14 years since we had an expedition book from him.I forgot, I had this fishing expedition planned.Both the water and the heat from such active areas would be of great value to a Mars expedition.It's not his first scientific expedition.The purpose of the expedition was to explore the North American coastline.The Headmaster was furious and demanded they start the expedition to catch the Bookman immediately.The expedition acquired the character of a vast plundering raid.The expedition used tried and tested methodology and modified it where necessary.on an expeditionIn all but a few our taxonomic knowledge is based on expedition reports dating back often more than 50 years.I find people with no sense of humour difficult on expeditions.We shall go on expeditions to the country, and I shall become the mistress of the house.He had gone on an expedition with his little brother to a discount shopping mall in Reading, Pennsylvania.It's written as a diary of a professor and his son lost on an expedition overseas in the 1860s.How much time do you spend on expeditions a year?The most obvious example was the attempt to find a yeti on an expedition Bonington led to climb Menlungtse in the Himalaya.
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